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3 Steps to Leading an Agile Transformation

Agile Development is right for most organizations.  Modern, competitive release cycles are much too short for more traditional methods, and customers have grown accustomed to continuous improvement in the products they buy.  We live in an age where software updates … Continue reading

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Tangible Differentiation for Premium Products

Offering products and/or services at premium prices requires tangible differentiation, at least if your goal is to acquire new customers and grow revenue.  This applies equally to technology products as it does to sporting events, for example.   Differentiating on nuances … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Bachelor Party: Valuing Development Teams

Confession: I spent last weekend at a bachelor party, “off the grid”, about 140 miles northeast of Seattle, WA.  Ten savages (yours truly among them) left to their own devises, without a care in the world, honoring a very close … Continue reading

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