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Gen-X tech entrepreneur with over two decades in diverse fields of the software industry, and a passion for expressing myself to anyone who likes to listen

Blueprint Seven Six is here!

Ever wondered what it takes to lead a tech startup from the early stages to a software valuable product business? I recently wrote and published a book from the anecdotal point of view of technology and product leaders, such as … Continue reading

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On the Limits of Automation, and on what comes next

I am not an economist, a futurist, nor a Silicon Valley mogul.  But like many, I’ve given a lot of thought to our present and future as largely shaped by labor automation and increasingly, artificial intelligence. Despite everything we understand … Continue reading

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Take Back Control of Your Signature

Device manufacturers have found a great way to brand your emails and even text messages.  I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve seen a note sent by a specific type of phone.  Just this morning I received an SMS telling me … Continue reading

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Enterprise Software Sales and the Role of the Startup CTO

Selling major Enterprise software is very different to selling “off the shelf” products.  Beyond the technical challenges, the startup CTO can make a major difference in winning these critical accounts. From the startup CTO’s perspective, Enterprise software sales are really … Continue reading

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Technical Leadership for Impossible Situations

We’ve all faced resource limited situations that just didn’t seem possible.  Here’s a story of grace under fire, and how sound technical leadership can make all the difference… The Setting This is a true story, but I’m withholding names and … Continue reading

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OpenStack – Between a Rock and a Hard Place

First and foremost, I want to be very clear.  In no way is this any sort of indictment of OpenStack from a technology or community perspective.  Clearly the technology has value, and the community has shown an ability to organize, … Continue reading

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Achieving Software Product Maturity

Well established frameworks, such as the Capability Maturity Model (CMM), help us measure software development process maturity in a standard way.  But what makes the product functionality itself mature, and more importantly, how do we get there from “here”?  Software … Continue reading

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Paying off Technical Debt

Technical debt is very similar to consumer revolving debt.  It’s convenient, especially when you’re resource or time constrained.  But it has an ugly compounding effect, and must therefore be managed as often and as early as possible.  The long term effects … Continue reading

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3 Keys to Being Disruptive

This week I was invited to speak on a disruptive technology panel. I thought about what being disruptive actually means, and what the keys are. Your Disruptive Technology Has to Work Whatever the nature of your disruptive product or service, … Continue reading

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3 Steps to Leading an Agile Transformation

Agile Development is right for most organizations.  Modern, competitive release cycles are much too short for more traditional methods, and customers have grown accustomed to continuous improvement in the products they buy.  We live in an age where software updates … Continue reading

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