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Tangible Differentiation for Premium Products

Offering products and/or services at premium prices requires tangible differentiation, at least if your goal is to acquire new customers and grow revenue.  This applies equally to technology products as it does to sporting events, for example.   Differentiating on nuances … Continue reading

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Lessons from a Bachelor Party: Valuing Development Teams

Confession: I spent last weekend at a bachelor party, “off the grid”, about 140 miles northeast of Seattle, WA.  Ten savages (yours truly among them) left to their own devises, without a care in the world, honoring a very close … Continue reading

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Startups and Grown-ups: 3 Simple Tips to Survive and Thrive !

There’s no reason why you can’t get involved with early-stage startups later in life provided you are willing to put in the effort and temper your expectations.  As we grow older, our lives become ever more complicated and our responsibilities … Continue reading

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Practice Iteration Before Automation!

I strongly believe in automating every single process that’s possible to automate.  Humans doing the work of machines is a waste of precious resources.  But recently I realized that as with all things, timing is everything.  You can’t just set … Continue reading

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“Agile Development”: the Worst Process Name in History?

What’s in a name?  We all love clever names because they tell us all about something without having to ask further questions.  Just imagine the software industry’s collective joy at a process that embraces business agility and is named accordingly! … Continue reading

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Is Traditional Enterprise Software Making its Last Stand Against Cloud Licensing?

We’ve all seen this “movie” before.  An industry transforms, but there are always some players deeply invested in traditional models that refuse to accept it.  Think of the transformation of physical media to digital delivery in the music industry as … Continue reading

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Why Aspirations Trump Skills

I’ve given a lot of thought lately to what I consider to be a key pillar of leadership: matching skills with responsibilities.  As obvious as this sounds, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen leadership teams miscast talent … Continue reading

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Problems and Solutions

Do you know the difference between problems and solutions?  Sounds silly, right?  You’d be surprised. Recently I’ve been advising a friend on a cloud computing service he wants to offer, and realized I’m starting to think more and more like … Continue reading

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With my first post I’d like to just say “Welcome”, and thanks for visiting.  After a long break from social media I decided it was time to jump back in, so you’ll be seeing me more on Twitter and LinkedIn. … Continue reading

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